BQ-Rohrsysteme GmbH provides a ten year warranty on BQ pipesystem. Provided items of BQ-Rohrsysteme have to be installed according to applicable local codes and installed in a manner consistent with specifications and standards as prescribed in this product catalogue.

With BQ-Rohrsysteme you decide for a German product, produced under German standards, according to German DIN 8077/8078, DIN EN 15874. The high-quality material PP-R is suitable for drinking water applications as well as for heating installations and for air-condition systems. In comparison to other thermoplastics like PE and PVC PP owns a temperature resistance up to 100 °C (for a short time up to 120 °C for systems without pressure).

PP-R shows a clearly better blow toughness in comparison to PP-H. For BQ-Rohrsysteme products we use only first grade PP-R quality. We can keep our quality promises compared those who use non spec or spot market qualities.

The external supervision of PP-R/PP-RCT pipe system of BQ Rohrsysteme is carried out by
IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH, Dresden
SKZ – Das Kunststoffzentrum, Würzburg, Deutschland
Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebietes, Gelsenkirchen
Authorized by DVGW (German Institute for Gas and Water) as controlling organizations.
Neutral material properties, only natural filler minerals, 100% recyclable.
No servicing required, corrosion-free material, high impact resistance
even at low temperatures, prevention of microbiological growth
BQ SanitärPlus – Quality “Made in Germany”
BQ SanitärPlus is a premium waste water system with outstanding noise reduction
characteristics according DIN EN 14366 / DIN 4109.
Soundproofing according to DIN EN 14366/DIN 4109 and application class BD
for gravity drainage systems inside and outside of buildings in accordance to EN 1451-1.
BQSanitärPlus provides chemical resistance by pipes and fittings made of PP according to DIN 8078 and leak proofness according EN 1451-1.
The IPT test baths have a level control that ensures that the test medium is topped up
automatically with the priority of temperature before water Level.
The over-temperature shutdown is a separate control circuit
that ensures that the heaters function reliably, even in the event of a fault.
According to following standards:

• ISO 1167
• ASTM D 1598
• ASTM D 1599

Our pipes pass the required 1000 h pressure test with over incomparable 4000 h in the IPT test baths.

DVGW type examination certificate
Our PP-R and PP-RCT systems meet the requirements of
DVGW W 544 for plastic pipes and fittings for drinking water installations.
This includes also regularly tests according to KTW and W270 regulations.