Branch 45°

Branch 45°

Material: PP-MD
acc. to DIN: DIN EN 14366
/DIN 4109

Form supplied: full cartons
Packing Unit: in pieces
Colour: sand grey and green

PP-MD Fittings provides sound proofing, cost efficiency, innovative leak proof connection and others advantages as described in our BQ SanitärPlus catalogue.

Area of application
• For non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage inside and outside of buildings

Dimensions & Measurements

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Partnumber Dimension (mm) z1 (mm) z2 (mm)
M13050R 50 15.00 16.00
M13075R 75 21.00 21.00
M13110R 110 26.00 29.00
M13160R 160 37.00 42.00